Name three kind of emotions that are disguised by people in the crowded streets, according to the poem "Faces"?"Faces" by Sara Teasdale

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the poem "Faces" by Sara Teasdale, there are emotions that surface as she walks the "restless street." One emotion is shame. The speaker is "ashamed" because she can read the people's faces which reveal a range of troubled emotions under the "poor disguise." Truly, the speaker is in anguish. She cannot bear to see the what the "poor disguise" is hiding. The speaker cries,"Let me go" for she cannot bear the sorrow that is below the disguised faces.

Another emotion is that the speaker is sad. She is troubled by the sad faces. She can see through the "poor disguise." She recognizes the sadness and sorrow. The faces cannot hide it very well. There is a restlessness in the street. The speaker is very perceptive. She has shame because she can read the sad faces so well. She has shame because she perceives the sorrow of the faces. She has shame because she is thinking that the faces can recognize her own sadness and sorrow as well.

Can it be, oh can it be
In the meeting of our eyes
That you know as much of me?