Name three conflicts Hamlet faces.

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One conflict Hamlet faces is how to deal with his uncle, Claudius, who Hamlet suspects has killed his father to usurp the throne of Denmark. Hamlet is also faced with the apparent treachery of his mother, Gertrude, who married Claudius very shortly after Hamlet's father died. Hamlet becomes disenchanted with women in part because of what he feels is his mother's betrayal of his father. Finally, Hamlet questions whether Ophelia, his former beloved, is loyal to him, given the treachery he sees around him and the machinations of her father, Polonius, to help Claudius. Feeling betrayed, Hamlet loses confidence and he ponders, in the "to be or not to be" soliloquy, whether he should passively react to what has happened to his father or take action, which is bound to be bloody, in retaliation for his father's untimely death. 

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