The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Name three characters and discuss why they are blind to the truth in The Crucible.

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Reverend Parris is certainly blind to the truth at various points in Miller's celebrated play The Crucible. He does not initially understand the implications of calling Reverend Hale to investigate witchcraft in Salem's community at the beginning of the play. Reverend Parris requests Reverend Hale's expertise to please Thomas Putnam and other prominent members of the community.

Reverend Parris is primarily concerned with maintaining his position of power and does not realize the consequences of his decisions. He is also blind to the fact that he is primarily responsible for the congregation's contempt. When Proctor criticizes Reverend Parris's messages and preaching style, Parris is offended and denies the accusations that he is cold and callous. Initially, Parris is blind to the fact that hanging John Proctor, Martha Corey, and Rebecca Nurse will incite a rebellion, and he supports the court's proceedings.

Mary Warren is also blind to the truth concerning her actions and participation in...

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