Name three animals that might live in both woodland and grassland biomes.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The specific properties of each biome are uniquely different.  Woodlands feature multiple layers of cover, such as tall trees, shrubs, low growing plants, and ground cover.  The grasslands primarily feature a "sea of grass" as the dominant feature of the biome.  This makes the primary animals in each uniquely different.  For example, in the grassland biome, populated by grazing animals, one will find bison and zebras, whereas this would not be the case in the woodlands, where the different vegetation grows.  Some animals, on a smaller level, can be found in both, however.  Insects, such as certain types of beetles, can be found in both domains.  Additionally, certain species of butterflies can be found in both biomes.  For these creatures, the height of grass in grasslands as well as the lush groundcover and varied type of plant growth in woodlands create opportunities for both food and shelter.  Finally, birds such as the common nighthawk can be found in both environments at different parts of the year, as its primary home is grassland, but seasonally migrates to woodland biomes in Northern California.