Name those parts of a flower which serve the same function as the following do in the animal:- 1. Testis 2. Ovary 3. Eggs 4. Sperms

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A flower is the part of a plant which carries out sexual reproduction. The male sex organ in a flower is known as the stamen. It contains a stalk or filament which supports the anther. This part of the flower undergoes meiotic cell division producing the pollen grains. The anther is comparable to the male testis. These give rise to male sperm cells. The female portion of the flower is called the pistil which is the innermost part of the flower. It is a vase-shaped structure. The top is the stigma, which is sticky to capture pollen grains. The style is a long thin tube. This leads to the ovary at the bottom. Inside the ovary are tiny ovules, which after undergoing meiosis, will produce ova or tiny egg cells. When a pollen lands on the stigma, it germinates downward, through a pollen tube. Inside this tube, there are male sperms that get transported to the ovule. Once the pollen tube reaches the ovule, two sperms are delivered. One joins with an egg cell to form the embryo, the other joins with two polar nuclei inside the ovule to form the endosperm, a tissue which will nourish the embryo. The entire ovary grows forming the fruit. Within it, the ovules will become seeds.

najm1947 | Student

The answer given by trophyhunter1 is a detailed one. However one to one correspondence for animal and flower reproductive parts is as under:

1. Testis ----- Anther

2. Ovary ----- Ovary

3. Egg ------- Ovule

4. Sperm ---- Pollens

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