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Name ten reasons why maps are important. 

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Maps are an incredibly important tool that humans use to understand and learn about the world we live in. Street maps, the kind of map most people are most familiar with, are used to record the travel thoroughfares people have constructed. They often also record business locations and can be used as sites for advertising. Topographic maps show elevation levels. Trail maps often include topographic maps, as well as showing the locations of trail amenities, and help hikers to not get lost. Geologic maps can include all kinds of data including displaying the locations of underground resources. Other maps might show the depth of a lake or ocean, or show population density or another kind of demographic information. When maps with political boundaries drawn on them are compared over time, it can be possible to use them to examine political changes. Maps have also been essential to communicating information about weather and about climate change. There are probably countless ways that maps are important to building an understanding of the world that is rooted in its spatial realities.

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