Name for Spanish Instruction business?I need help coming up with a name for my Spanish instruction business that doesn't target a specific age group, and is catchy and easy to remember for people...

Name for Spanish Instruction business?

I need help coming up with a name for my Spanish instruction business that doesn't target a specific age group, and is catchy and easy to remember for people who know no Spanish.  I really wanted to includ some spanish in the title, but I am not sold on anything yet.  Your opinions would be SO helpful! 


So far I've come up with:

Smart Owl Spanish

Spanish Horizontes

Desvela Spanish

Buenos Dias Spanish

Mariposa School of Spanish

Quiero Spanish/Espanol


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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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Some of the names for this business do not seem grammatically nor semantically connected with casual Spanish. I am a Spanish teacher, born and raised speaking Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country and I had to squint a bit trying to understand how these suggested titles could attract anyone. However, we are here to help. You may want to have the ENTIRE name of the business in Spanish using known Spanish words that are common to restaurants, and other businesses. Isn't that what they do in Spanish restaurants? Have you ever heard of "The Food Latina?" No, but you do hear "Comida Latina" and people easily catch on to that, and feel more close to the language that way. Also, this helps the potential customer to already feel like Spanish is an easy-to-learn language and not a gruelling experience.

Some suggestions may be: "En Español, Inc"  o "Mundo Español". Just think about it.

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How about Divertido? Other options include Easy Espanol. I think any name that stresses what you want from your company would be the best thing. You need to be clever about it.
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How about "Fluencia"?  Simple, yet elegant, has a nice flow to it, easy to remember and there's the effortless connotation of being able to achieve fluency in the Spanish langage through your company's instruction.

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pohnpei397 | College Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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If you want the name for the business to be easily remembered by those who speak no Spanish, you might want to consider names that have a Spanish word that most non-Spanish speakers are familiar with.  For that reason, I like "Discover Espanol" better than "Descubre Spanish" because most English speakers won't know the word "descubre."

Everything I can think of seems kind of cheesy, but how about

Spanish Beyond Manana

Muy Bien Spanish

Or something with "amigo" in it...  I can't come up with a good one, though.

Anyway, I'd certainly recommend something with a commonly-known Spanish word in it.

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*sorry, I meant "include"



Descubre Spanish

Discover Espanol (with correct spelling of course!)