Name something that is made of two different materials, one high-specific heat and one low-specific heat. 

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Here are some examples of materials made up of two different substances, one with high specific heat and the other with low specific heat. The values of specific heat of individual substances are also given in parentheses.

  1. Dough : Water (4.2 KJ/degree C/kg) and Flour Dough (1.7 KJ/degree C/kg)
  2. Sugar syrup: Water (4.2 KJ/degree C/kg) and Sugar (1.1 KJ/degree C/kg)
  3. Bronze: Copper (0.4 KJ/degree C/kg) and Tin (0.2 KJ/degree C/kg)
  4. Brass: Copper (0.4 KJ/degree C/kg) and Zinc (0.39 KJ/degree C/kg)
  5. Steel: Iron (0.5 KJ/degree C/kg) and carbon (0.72 KJ/degree C/kg)

There are several other examples that can be found for such materials. I would suggest looking up for specific heat capacity of various elements and materials and think of how they can be combined to create substances that we see in our daily lives. 

Hope this helps.

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A leather watch with a metal clock face is an example. The leather has a higher specific heat capacity than the metal. 

Sewing machines are typically made of plastic and have metal parts (the needle, bobbin winder etc). The plastic has a higher specific heat capacity than the metal. 

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