Discuss an introduction about technology for an essay.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems that there are different ways to approach this and all of them have to go back to what elements of technology on which the paper is going to focus.  For example, if your paper is going to focus on the proliferation of information technology, you might want to open with an introduction that contrasts a time when such technological advances were not evident.  An instance where this can be evident would be to discuss the idea of where websites and internet domains were absent.  Can you recall the last time when you saw a commercial for a product on television that did not end with an website?  I think that an effective introduction on technology would be to provide a contrast with life before it in order to generate thought and a sense of anticipation within the reader.  Yet, I think all of these suggestions are in vain if we are not able to clearly identify the essence of the paper and what is being argued in it.  This is where an introduction must develop.  An effective introduction is one that illuminates the basic elements to be argued in the paper's body and through this an introduction can be meaningfully composed.

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