What adjectives might be used to describe Gary Schmidt's The Wednesday Wars?

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Many readers who have reviewed Gary Schmidt’s novel The Wednesday Wars have praised it in a wide variety of ways (see link below).  Typical positive reactions include the following:

  • Some have praised it for being simultaneously hilarious and moving, as in this comment:

This is a book for everyone. You'll laugh out loud one minute and be moved to tears in the next chapter.

Other positive responses have included the following:

  • It is fascinating in its treatment of historical issues.
  • Its development of characters is superb.
  • It is touching in its emphasis on kindness.
  • It is complexly humorous.
  • It is heart-warming.
  • It is truthful in its presentation of its main character.
  • It is thought-provoking.
  • It is appealing in the way it uses Shakespeare.
  • It is witty and charming.

Some readers, however, have complained about the novel. Typical complaints include the following:

  • It is tedious and uninteresting.
  • It is unbelievable in its treatment of the pet rats.
  • It is predictable and stereotypical in its treatment of characters.
  • It is too similar to the author’s other works.

For further commentary, see the "Critical Overview" and "Bibliography" cited below.

On the whole, reactions to the book from “regular readers” (as well as from professional critics) have been highly positive.  To date, the book receives 906 5-star reviews  and 681 4-star reviews from reviewers on Google from among 1915 reviews altogether. Only 11 reviewers gave the book just one star.




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