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Name organic compounds:1) C6H12 2) C5H123) C7H16  would the 1st one be 3-methylpentene?would the 2nd one be 2-methylbutane?would the 3rd one be 3-ethylpentane? Just need it in basic format not too complex names.

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There is really  not enough information to definitively answer the question.

For C6H12 there are actually 8 different organic structures that could be drawn. One of them is 3-methyl-1-pentene.

For C5H12 there are two isomers, one of which is 2-methyl butane.

For C7H16 there are at least 5 different isomers, but none of them would be 2-ethyl pentane.  2-ethylpentane would correctly be named 3-methylhexane since the longest continuous carbon chain is 6 carbons long.


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