The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Name one thing the Happylife Home can't do in "The Veldt."

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In "The Veldt," The children's playroom in the Happylife Home is programmed to respond to the children's thoughts. It operates based on telepathy to create the environment that the children imagine. The Home cannot really take the parents' place because it cannot make moral and ethical judgments, which include decisions about providing guidance or disciplining the children.

When George or Lydia want to change their children's behavior, their only option is to turn off the Home. Peter, however, has figured out how to program the Home to override the parents' input. With the Home unable to reject the telepathic instructions it is receiving, it is inevitable that it enacts the spoiled children's fantasy of killing their parents when they are not getting their own way.

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