Name one aspect of modern life that you think could serve to increase global cooperation or unity and explain why it may have this effect.

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lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social networking via the Internet has been used by some creative Middle Easterners as an effective tool for bringing people together.  A few months ago, an Israeli organization called the Peres Center for Peace joined with Palestinians and a former Israeli diplomat to sponsor an online discussion forum aimed at bringing young Israelis and Palestinians together.  The YaLa Young Leaders Facebook page has attracted closed to 50,000 visitors since the project began, and has provided a forum for conversations among Middle Easterners from many countries, as well as provided a host of proposals for online projects that would further unify the traditionally warring groups around interests such as music.  In another Facebook project, a young Israeli couple posted a Facebook page titled, "Iran, we love you," which quickly became a sensation and resulted in hundreds of posts between Israelis and Iranians declaring an interest in peace, and sharing ideas about what the two groups have in common, particularly among the young people.