Name at least three aspects of the ritual (things that were carried out every year) in Jackson's "The Lottery".

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. The children gathered stones carefully selected for size and piled them near the location of the ritualistic lottery and ensuing stoning.
  2. The black box that was used had demonstrative marks of years of wear and tear portraying its regular use. This box would hold the slips of paper distributed to all townspeople during the drawing of the lottery.
  3. The town's representative was always Mr. Summers. He was described as a man of "civic duty" who continually gave of his services to the town. It seemed he had been running the lottery for a long term of years.
  4. The drawing of slips always took place according to a specific method: heads of households would draw for the house, and then distribute slips to members of the family. The entire town would experience a roll call of sorts to distinguish which family encountered the slip with the dot.

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