Name four functions performed by the bones.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The skeletal system serves four main functions. Looking specifically at the human skeleton, those functions are:

1. protecting the other organs and systems of the body. Ribs, for example, guard the lungs, heart, and critical blood vessels such as the aorta against impacts that could seriously endanger the life of the person if those organs were damaged.

2. giving structure and shape to the body. Without bones, people would not be able to stand or even sit upright.

3. providing places for muscles to attach themselves to bones. Without muscles connected to bones, people would not be able to move or support their body.

4. manufacturing blood cells and storing "minerals such as calcium and phosphorus."

ahmedrehan | Student
  • Support: Bones provide a framework for the attachment of muscles and other tissues.
  • Protection: Bones such as the skull and rib cage protect internal organs from injury.
  • Movement: Bones enable body movements by acting as levers and points of attachment for muscles.
  • Mineral storage: Bones serve as a reservoir for calcium and phosphorus, essential minerals for various cellular activities throughout the body.
  • Blood cell production: The production of blood cells, or hematopoiesis, occurs in the red marrow found within the cavities of certain bones.
  • Energy storage: Lipids, such as fats, stored in adipose cells of the yellow marrow serve as an energy reservoir.
sid-sarfraz | Student

Some of the functions of our bones are as follows:-

  1. Bones supports our skeletal system and provides posture to our body. 
  2. Bones protects our vital organs 
  3. Bones contain bone marrow, which through stem cells produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
  4. Bones store minerals and lipids
  5. Bones provide stability to our body and supports its movements.
namelesswonderer | Student

The four functions of bones are-

1.It is the structural framework to our body I.e it gives shape to our body

2.It protects organs such as our heart and lungs.

3.It helps us performing various actions such as running ,walking,sitting sleeping etc.

4.Bones helps in production of Red Blood cells and White Blood cells>