Name four different times Matthew recorded in his gospel that Jesus Christ was a king.

Expert Answers
mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Old Testament prophecies foretell of a Messiah that will come as a king. Matthew makes this connection throughout his book.  Early in the narrative, in chapter two, verse two, Matthew refers to Jesus as the “king of the Jews” that wise men come to visit.  In the same chapter, Matthew also describes the descendents of Jesus, including King David, which would suggest that he is a member of the royal family of the ancient Israelites.  

In chapter twenty-seven, Jesus is questioned by Pontius Pilate as to whether he is “king of the Jews,” and he replies “You have said so.”  In the same chapter, a sign hangs over him when he is crucified, which reads “King of the Jews.”  In addition to these direct references, Matthew refers to the “Kingdom of Heaven” frequently throughout the book, which implicitly suggests that Jesus is the king.

These references in Matthew are intended as a claim to the fulfillment of prophecy.