What were five things that the French Revolution accomplished? this being after King Louis was sent to the guillotine. In Full deatil what did the revolution accomplish and why

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The Rise of the Middle Class: Alexis de Tocqueville said that the French Revolution was the result of the middle class waking up and realizing its importance. As the ideas of the Enlightenment took hold, the Middle class found itself suddenly socially conscious, and the revolution ended with the old aristocracy dethroned and the middle class firmly in charge of French politics and society.      

The Rise of Napoleon: Thanks to his performance in the French Revolution, Corsican-born artillery commander Napoleon Bonaparte rose to great fame as the defender of the French Revolution. Eventually, Napoleon rode this wave of fame all the way to the top of the French government, declaring himself emperor eventually.

Modernization of France: Unlike Britain, the French had yet to reform two medieval institutions which held back the progress of their nation; the church and the monarchy. The revolution “modernized” France in the sense that they defunded and demolished the power of both these groups, paving the way for republican ideals and the advance of the sciences and technology.

Spread of Democracy: After the American and French revolutions, other countries of oppressed people saw these events as inspiration for their own struggle. Especially in the Caribbean and Latin America, revolutionary governments borrowed from French revolutionary documents and ideals when pursing their own course to peace.   

Popular Participation in Government: For the first time in France, regular people were politically active. Ordinary people read, voted, debated, and discussed politics and helped direct the course of the government.     

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