Using quotes from the novel, explain five techniques used in Frankenstein.

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Science Fiction: some say this is the first sci-fi novel ever; it is a warning to mankind regarding rogue science, an urge to form scientific communities

2.  Gothicism: this is the greatest ghost story ever told; haunted laboratories; focus on death; grotesque characters and imagery

3.  Byronic Tragedy: Victor is a tragic/Byronic hero; he is wounded by love, mysterious, "mad, bad, and dangerous to know"; his tragic flaw (mistake) is abuse of nature and abandoning his creation

4.  Epistolary form: the novel opens as a series of letters from Walton to his sister

5.  Frame story: several narrators take turns telling the story, each imbedding the others in narration: Walton, Victor, Monster

6.  Dramatic monologues: the novel contains long, ornate speeches with lots of exclamation points; people don't really speak like this; it's theatrical technique

7.  Revenge tale: the story is a classic revenge plot; Victor's doppelganger (the Monster) haunts him, takes revenge on him; then, Victor seeks counter-revenge

8.  Romanticism: it is full of extreme passion, focus on nature, rebellion, freedom, poetic language, individuality--all hallmarks of the movement

9.  Myth: the Promethean myth retold; it is a focus on the desire to be like the gods; the heroes are punished for trying to better mankind.

10.  Biblical: the novel is a morality tale; a kind of creation story and Genesis myth; Adam (Monster) wants a mate from his God (Victor)

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Frankenstein the reader experiences different literary techniques.  The writer uses the first person narrative when Victor tells his story.  She uses this method so that the reader can see how Victor is thinking and feeling when he creates his creature and later on to demonstrate the outcome of his wrong doing.  The creature also has a section where he speaks in first person narrative so that he can present his won perspective of the situation.

"Harmony was the soul of our companionship," is an example of personification. 

 The writer gave a human quality to an abstract concept.

Mary Shelly also used the technique of moving back and forth in time by taking the reader form the present to the past and then back to the present.

She uses letters as a form for presenting Walton's point of view.

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