Name five inorganic compounds/materials!

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All inorganic compounds have the property that they do contain chemical elements other than carbon.

For example, water is an inorganic compound. Other inorganic compounds are all salts that contain potassium,sodium and chlorine.

Acids like hydrochloric acid, is also an inorganic compound. Calcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate are other inorganic compounds.

The listd inorganic compounds have a common property: they are all used in human body.

For example, the hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate help in the digestion processes.

All salts like those that contain potassium,sodium and chlorine are of great help when messages are sent along nerves.

As a conclusion, if in a compound the carbon element misses, then the compound can be classified as an inorganic compound.

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1. Table salt or Sodium Chloride, NaCl

2. Baking powder or Sodium Bicarbonate, NaHCO3

3. Muriatic acid or Hydrochloric Acid, HCl

4. Bleaching powder or Calcium Chlorohypochlorite, CaOCl2

5. Common alum or Potassium aluminium Sulphate, K2SO4.Al2(SO4)3.24H2O