Name a few solutions you come in contact with every day. What substances make up these solutions? What is the solvent and the solute?

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most common solution in this earth is sea water. The main solutes of sea water are NaCl, MgSO4 , CaCl2. KCl. The solvent is water which is the most common solvent in nature.

Saline water made in home:

Sometimes saline water is made in home by adding table salt to water. There the solute is table salt and solvent is water. Table salt consists mainly NaCl.

Sugar solution -

Sugar solution is made by dissolving sucrose (Solute) in water (solvent).

Alchoholic beverages -

Beer and other alcoholic beverages are ethanol solutions in water. Here ethanol is the solute and water act as the solvent.

Soft drinks -

Soft drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi has many coloring agents and other chemicals dissolved in water. But its main componeent is CO2. CO2 gas is dissolved water via pressurization.

Besides above mentioned solutions, petrol, diesel and kerosene are also solutions. But they are entirely hydrocarbon solutions. To be more precise they are mixtures of several hydrocarbons.

The scents, perfumes used in day to day life are also solutions of essential oils in alcohol or other organic solvents.

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