Name and explain three objectives of promotional strategy.

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The main objective of a company's promotional strategy is to make sure that the consumer is aware of the product. To effectively communicate the differentiated benefits of your product to the market.

Promotional Strategies include, advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion.

Creating the appropriate mix of elements in the promotional strategy is vitally important to the product's success.

Presenting the product to the target market is accomplished through the promotional strategy.

A second clear objective of promotional strategy is to create brand loyalty.  In the first step of the strategy you create brand and product awareness, then the marketing process attempts to create an ongoing relationship with the customer which will result in repeat buying or brand loyalty.

A third key objective of the promotional strategy is to stimulate demand for the product through the use of effective sales promotion techniques such as free samples, coupons with both retailers and consumers to create short term demand that you anticipate will develop into continuing long-term demand for the product.

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