What are the main characteristics of life-span perspective?

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According to the life-span perspective of human development, we change over our entire lives and not just during certain periods. The life-span perspective views people as having a certain degree of plasticity, or the ability to change over time.

In addition, human development happens in many ways and is multidimensional. That is, humans change in physical, cognitive, and emotional ways—not just in one way. In addition, humans change in ways that have many dimensions. For example, we may go through a period, such as adolescence, that involves gain (such as in knowledge) but also loss (of our childhood freedoms, etc.). Finally, change is affected by the context in which we find ourselves. Our context is determined by our peer group and the time in which we were born. For example, people in one generation, such as the Baby Boomers, have different influences than people born during later generations, such as Generation X or the Millennials.

The life-span perspective is one method for

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