Name for the cyclic hydrocarbon C6H12?Explain how to find the names.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You would go with the number of carbon atoms present, which in this particular hydrocarbon is six.  That means it will use the prefix "hex-" which means it will be a hexane of some sort.  Since it is saturated with hydrogen atoms and contains no double bonds, it will not be an aromatic hydrocarbon.  A good name for this hydrocarbon would therefore be cyclohexane, since the carbon atoms are arranged in a cyclic structure, but the number of hydrogen atoms is at a maximum, making it a satruated hydrocarbon.  This differs from the structure of benzene, which is another cyclic hydrocarbon with six carbon atoms, but there are alternating double-bonds around the carbon ring, indicating only half the number of hydrogen atoms present.  We would call this type of hydrocarbon "unsaturated", in that it only has half the normal number of hydrogen atoms present. The chemical formula for bezene is C6H6.  Hydrocarbons are compounds composed of only those two elements, carbon and hydrogen.

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