Name an occupation in the community, which is mentioned in The Giver, for which math would be inportant.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Giver, the occupation of Giver would be benefited greatly by abilities in math of all levels. The Giver's task, as he explains to Jonas, is to remember and transmit the memories "of the whole world." His apartment is lined with books. Though the first memory the Giver transmits to Jonas is the pleasurable and painful memory of snow, the books are archive of some of the world's greatest knowledge, greater than snow but not more important. The books contain the ideas of philosophers and mathematicians, for example, Euclid who wrote the first treatise on geometry, Copernicus who wrote a description of the cosmos that challenged Aristotle's description, and Newton's treatise on mechanical, or physical mechanics called the Principia. A knowledge of and an ability with math would certainly be important to the Giver as he remembers and transmits these and other great philosophical and mathematical works.

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THe one on page 44


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I don't know!