What is the chemical formula of all the chemical compunds that contain hydrogen.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are too many compounds that contain hydrogen to be listed out here. Hydrogen is present in hundreds of inorganic compounds which include all acids, bases, hydrides, hydrates, etc. and almost all the organic compounds contain hydrogen in addition to carbon and other elements.

For a comprehensive list of compounds that contain hydrogen you can have a look at the links that have been provided below. These provide details of both the organic as well as inorganic compounds which contain hydrogen. For more details about any specific compound you can look up the relevant links.

asianmixmessup | Student

Hydrogen iodide - HI

Hydrogen sulfate- H2SO4

Hydrogen chloride -? Hcl

Hydrogen oxide-? H2O

Hydrogen sulfide-? H2S

Hydrogen nitrate-? HNO3

Hydrogen carbonate-?  maybe its H2CO3

Hydrogen hydroxide-????? Don't know if Its just hydroxide or both?

Thats all I know sorry :(