Name 3 products of science that you use everyday.

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We use several products of science everyday and science is pretty much involved in all our activities. Some of the key scientific products that we use daily include, electricity, transportation (through automobiles or trains), soap or detergent, clean drinking water, home & other buildings, etc. Electricity is a direct product of advancements in science, which have enabled electricity production by different means (such as, coal, natural gas, uranium, water, solar cells, wind turbines, waves, etc.). We use electricity in a number of daily applications, including cooking, working, lighting, heating/cooling, etc. Transportation has been made much easier by science. We can move ourselves and materials very easily by using products such as automobiles, trains, planes, ships, etc. Science has reduced our travel time a lot and has also made it more convenient and safe. We all use soaps and detergents daily to clean ourselves and our clothes. These products are made by knowing the chemistry of hydrocarbons and as such, and as such are products of science. 

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