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Name three examples of diplomatic globalization, economic globalization, and cultural globalization.

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Globalization refers to the expansion of capitalism globally, creating an unregulated world market economy. This goal has been pursued through many means, including via diplomacy, economics, and culture.

Diplomatic globalization refers to the expansion of and interconnection of political systems globally. The system of governments, intergovernmental organizations, and global nongovernmental organizations is the result of diplomatic globalization, and these systems serve to stabilize the global capitalist system and to enforce the existence producer and consumer nations in order to keep markets in operation.

Economic globalization refers in large part to the removal of trade barriers between different nations. The expansion of technology for transportation and communication, and the proliferation of these technologies globally is also a significant contributor to economic globalization.

Cultural globalization refers to the homogenization of culture, which makes individual products more marketable globally.

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Diplomatic globalization refers to the erosion of the nation-state as the sole locus of diplomacy and a corresponding increase in the level of multilateral or collaborative diplomatic initiatives. The most dramatic example is probably the European Union, in which the European Union conducts many diplomatic negotiations on behalf of all member states together. The United Nations is among the best known of global institutions that can conduct diplomatic negotiations, often brokering the end to civil and regional conflicts.

Economic globalization is seen in global and regional organizations and trade blocs such as the WTO, TPP, EU, and ASEAN. Typical examples of economic globalization are the global supply chains now standard for the manufacture of many devices, ranging from cars to smart phones; the processes surrounding raw materials, components, and assembly may take place across multiple countries. 

An example of cultural globalization is music; good examples can be seen in that United States hip-hop and Korean K-pop are widely listened to across the globe. A specific example is Psy's "Gangnam Style," a Korean song which topped music charts in over 30 countries in 2015. 

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Our world today is becoming much more globalized than it has been at any point in the past.  We are more connected to the economies of other countries.  At the same time, we also share more things in common with other countries in terms of culture.  Finally, we are creating more and more ways in which more countries have more sorts of diplomatic ties with one another.  All of this can be seen as globalization.

Economic globalization is the best-known aspect of globalization.  The main example of this is simply that so many things that we own are made in other countries.  The bookshelf I just bought was made in China.  I used cooking oil from Canada last night.  When I call a help center for technical support, I might talk to someone in the Philippines.  All of these connections are examples of economic globalization.

In terms of culture, we are also globalizing.  This is because things like the Internet make it easier for us to see and consume each other’s culture.  An example of this was the huge popularity of the “Gangnam Style” video by the South Korean rapper Psy.  Another example is the popularity of European soccer teams in countries around the world.

Diplomatic globalization is the least well-known of these.  It consists of things like the creation of more international organizations.  It also consists of things like the cooperation between China and the US (among other countries) to try to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia.

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