Name two issues President Jackson dealt with during his terms in office.

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two issues President Jackson dealt with while President included what to do with the Native Americans and dealing with the national bank. President Jackson didn’t like the Native Americans. He felt they were holding back the progress of the American people He referred to them as “savages” and “beasts.” Thus, he supported the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The law required many Native American tribes to move to the west. Even though the Supreme Court ruled that this law didn’t apply to the Cherokee tribe, Jackson refused to follow the ruling of the Supreme Court. Eventually, the Cherokee, along with many other tribes were relocated to land west of the Mississippi River.

President Jackson also disliked the national bank. He believed it favored the wealthy and hurt the common man. He also felt it influenced the actions of Congress. Thus, he refused to extend the charter of the bank in 1832. However, the old charter gave the bank the authority to exist until 1836. President Jackson didn’t want the bank to survive for four more years so he took actions to “kill” or weaken the bank. He placed the government’s money in state banks that he handpicked. These were known as the “pet” banks. Unfortunately, these banks had different, more lenient policies than the national bank, and they began to do things that led to serious economic problems. For example, the “pet” banks made it easier to get loans. This eventually led to inflation. To slow inflation, especially in the prices of western land, President Jackson issued an order known as the Specie Circular. This would require all land sales to be made with gold or silver coins beginning after the election of 1836. This ultimately led to severe economic problems in 1837, after Jackson had left office. There were many issues President Jackson faced, and these were two of them.