Name two external feautures that are adaptation's for the squid's predatory life? What are two traits squids share with other mollusks.

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All Molluscs have a mantle which secretes the shell. They possess soft bodies and open circulatory systems. This means that blood bathes the cells directly with nutrients. Most have a foot for locomotion which is muscular. Examples of Molluscs include, clams, squids, octopus, cuttlefish, snails. Squids are Cephalopods, which translated means, "head, foot. They can use jet propulsion to escape enemies and for locomotion. Their arms and tentacles are derived from the foot. Their large eyes are adaptations to make them excellent at seeing and locating their prey. Squid can use camoflauge to blend into their surroundings which is another adaptation for both hiding from predators and when they are hunting for prey.