Name 12 progressive goals in The Progressive Reform Era.short and to the point please

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At some point, your collection has to be confirmed with an outside source like a classroom text or instructor.  The initial goal of the Progressivists was to demand power from the bottom up.  This took on many forms.  Muckrakers, for example, were journalists that sought to empower the public through information about unfair business practices and government collusion with business.  Sinclair and Tarbell would be two excellent examples.  At the same time, another goal was to empower as many groups as possible, such as African- Americans, Women, as well as those who were underprivileged from an economic standpoint.  Thinkers like Washington, DuBois, Paul, Catt, and Riis were instrumental in bringing about this type of Progressive Change.  Politically, there was a desire to reform government.  LaFolette of Wisconsin, Presidents Roosevelt, Arthur, Taft, and Wilson all held Progressive beliefs and their actions while in office represented Progressive Goals.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are probably particular goals that you are supposed to get from your book or from your teacher's class notes.  So I do not know if these will be phrased the way your teacher expects them to be.  I think you should look in your notes or book.

With that warning:

  1. Votes for women
  2. Regulation of big companies
  3. An income tax
  4. The initiative
  5. Secret ballots
  6. "Americanization" of immigrants
  7. Temperance/prohibition
  8. Minimum wage laws
  9. Maximum hour laws
  10. Direct election of senators
  11. Nonpartisan city elections
  12. Destruction of urban "political machines"

Overall, the Progressives wanted to limit the powers of the big companies and the machine/party politicians, and they wanted to "improve" the poor and immigrants.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The question is not very specific about either the place or time of progressive era. I am sure there must have been many different progressive movement in many different countries. I assume that the question refers to the progressive movement for social, political, and economic reforms that occurred in USA from about 1893 to 191.

This movement was the result of activities many different organizations and people over an extended period. There was no specified list of objectives prepared for the movement. However we can identify the following objectives that were pursued during the movement.

  • Regulation of unfair business practices by big business
  • Rationalization of tax structure, particularly introduction of tax based on income rather than property.
  • End of corruption in government including law enforcement and management of public services.
  • Home rule or decentralization of governance by granting rights to cities to govern themselves.
  • Greater right of voters, for example, right to recall persons from public offices, and to select candidates for election, instead of these candidates being nominated by delegates to political party conventions.
  • Election of US senators directly by people instead of by state legislature.
  • Improving conditions of housing particularly in crowded slums.
  • Improving conditions of workers in mines and factories. This included improvement in areas like working hours and conditions, safety, and wages.

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