`a_n = sin(npi/2)` Write the first five terms of the sequence.

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`a_n=sin (npi/2)`

The subscript n represents the term number. It usually starts with n=1 which tells that `a_1` is the first term.

So to determine the first five terms, plug-in `n={1,2,3,4,5}`.

When `n=1` , the first term is:

`a_1=sin (1*pi/2)`


 When `n=2` , the second term is:

`a_2=sin (2*pi/2)`


 When `n=3` , the third term is:

`a_3=sin (3*pi/2)`


 When `n=4` , the fourth term is:

`a_4=sin (4*pi/2)`


And when `n=5` , the fifth term is:

`a_5=sin (5*pi/2)`



Therefore, the first five terms of the sequence are {1, 0, -1, 0, 1}. 

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