mystery and terror in Edgar Allan Poe's short stories with reference to "Fall on the House of Usher"mystery and terror in "Fall on the House of Usher"

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Edgar Allan Poe is a specialist in criminal and psychologically effected minds. He writes from within the minds of these individuals. This phenomenon is slightly changed in the short story, The Fall of the House of Usher. The story is written in first person narrative and discusses the experiences of the protagonist's visit to the house of his friend Usher. The mystery and terror in the story arises from the strange and unprecedented diseases infecting Usher and his sister and their strange psychological disturbances. The death of the sister, her secret and strange burial and its adverse effects on Usher add to the mystery. The suspense and terror increases slowly with the fear and discomfort of Usher as viewed by the narrator. Usher's heightened senses seem to be preparing him for a terrible and momentous happening. The narration of the story in the story and the simultaneous happenings in the house rise in a crescendo of mystery, fear and terror till the horrible truth of the sister being buried alive is reached. The drama still mounts and finishes not only with the horrible deaths of Usher and his sister but also the real fall of their house.

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