The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Myrtle Wilson says that her husband is not the man she thought she married. What happened right after their wedding that caused her to immediately think she’d made a mistake in marrying George Wilson?

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In chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby, Myrtle Wilson says that she thought George was a gentleman and "knew something about breeding" when she married him. She realized almost immediately that she had made a mistake. Soon after their wedding, a man came round while George was out and asked for his suit. Myrtle understood that George had borrowed a suit for the wedding and never told her or anyone else about it. She returned the suit to its owner and then lay down and cried all afternoon.

This anecdote says more about Myrtle than it does about George. Her conception of what makes someone a "gentleman" is fundamentally materialistic, which is why she is impressed by Tom, the wealthy brute. Her emotional reaction to George not having his own suit for the wedding links her with Daisy, who cries over the beauty of Gatsby's expensive shirts.

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