For a thesis titled "A study of the viewpoints of the eminent principals & teachers about powerful schools with the purpose of presenting a model," how would you discuss the capital components...

For a thesis titled "A study of the viewpoints of the eminent principals & teachers about powerful schools with the purpose of presenting a model," how would you discuss the capital components in powerful schools? 

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To me, the first thing (once you have defined a "powerful" school, as the first answer says) to do is to think about what you are likely to find.  In other words, what is likely to make a school be "powerful."

I would suggest that you will want to look at these three questions:

  • Is the principal important or is it just the teachers?  In other words, does the principal do much to add to or detract from the quality of the school?  If so, how?
  • How much does the context of the school matter?  Are schools in rich areas better than those in poor areas?  Can the difference in school be explained by better funding or more parent involvement?
  • Is the school good simply because of its academic quality or do extra-curricular activities add to its quality.
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It seems as if your study is a very timely and relevant one.  The analysis of components of successful schools is a topic that is receiving much attention.  I think that you now have some steps that need to be taken.  One such step would be to determine what, in your mind, constitutes a successful school and how you will go about assembling your data.  Perhaps, a part of this would be to conduct interviews with principals and teachers who you might deem as "eminent."  What suggestions or recommendations will your study possess and how will you present these findings?  These are questions that I think you will need to undertake as you prepare the data collection and determination phases of your work.

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What a great project. I believe that we need to put in much more thought when it comes to schools and education. A great approach would to be use the Socratic method. Ask questions and then ask some more to educators, teachers, principals, parents and students. I suspect that they will all say that education is one of the most important things. If this is so, then ask them to put a price tag on education. And I am sure that they will say that eduction does not have a price. After this, ask them this questions, "why do teachers make so little?" I think the heart of good education is to respect teachers more and one of the way to do this is to increase their pay. That said, I think we need to make sure that the teachers are really great.

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The adage 'A stitch in time saves nine ',comes to my mind when I look at the commercialization of education, a bane  of our   times.The system needs to undergo a sea change.In terms of redressal of major issues  like  hyper-activity in kids, diminishing attention span,an out pouring of negative energy through bullying, violence and finally, acceptance of the under average child in the classroom;pre-allotment of time on the playground with a Physical trainer, incorporation of the Play-way method instead of coercive learning to stimulate both interest and active learning, introducing art through object drawing and painting, making usage of activity  based learning are  few ways by which learning can be made fun .