My Side of the Mountain

by Jean George

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In My Side of the Mountain, what are some examples of figurative language used in this story?

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You might want to consider how the narrator describes the glories of winter during his year alone in the wilderness, as he uses many examples of figurative language to describe the strange, stark beauty and the majesty of the elements as he lives through what he thought would be a "long, dark winter." Note, for example, the following quote:

Sometimes I would sit in my doorway, which became an entrance to behold--a portico of pure white snow, adorned with snowmen--and watch [the birds] with endless interest.

Note the metaphor that the narrator uses to describe his entrance, which he compares to a "portico of pure white snow" covered in snowmen. Also, note how he describes the coming of the first snowstorm that he faces:

The clouds of winter, black and fearsome. They looked as wild as the winds that were bringing them.

Note the simile that is used to describe the "clouds of winter," that are said to be as wild as the strong winds that usher them towards him. Hopefully identifying these two examples will encourage you to go back over your text and spot and comment upon other examples of figurative language in this novel. Good luck!

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