In My Side of the Mountain by Jean George, why does Sam decide to run away from home?

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While Sam Gribley does originally plan to run away from home, his father discovers his plans and tells him that he will be allowed to travel to the abandoned Gribley farm to attempt to live off of the land provided that he let people in town know where he is. In this way, he does not "run away" in the traditional sense but is allowed to go by his father, who believes that after a very short time without modern comforts, Sam will return.

This turns out to not be the case at all. Sam leaves his home because he finds his cramped living situation completely unbearable and craves the freedom and adventure provided by living in open nature and off the land. Sam carefully studies survival skills and proves to be extraordinarily talented in regard to being self-sufficient. With his accumulated skills, Sam proves that he is able to live in the wild indefinitely.

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