In the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean George, what are three differences between Sam and the Baron Weasel?

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Sam Gribley is a city kid who has run away to live on his own and in the wilds of the Catskill Mountains. He has read some survival skill books, but now he has to put what he’s read into everyday practice. Baron Weasel (whom Sam named) knows all about life on the mountain and seems to think he owns the place. Some additional differences are listed here in Sam versus Baron format:

Domesticated boy v. Wild animal

Newcomer v. Established resident

Hides from most human visitors v. Runs off a couple (In the 11th chapter, titled “In Which Frightful Learns Her ABCs”)

Makes warmer clothes out of deer hides to deal with winter v. Undergoes a change in fur color from brown to white to deal with winter

Has to learn how to live in the wild v. Knows how to survive instinctively, as common practice

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