In My Side of the Mountain, what supplies did Sam bring with him from New York to the Catskills Mountains?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam does not bring many supplies or tools with him into the wilderness. 

It is May when he leaves New York with “a penknife, a ball of chord, an ax, and $40” as well as a flint and steel for making fires.

He is able to wear all the clothes he brings to the mountain - three sweaters and two pairs of pants. For the late spring and summer, these clothes offer enough protection for Sam. Later he makes more clothes out of animal skins. He also makes shoes for himself to replace the ones that he wore on his way to Gribley Farm on the mountain.

While on the mountain, Sam makes many new tools, from forks and other dinnerware to a shovel and a mallet. However, he is able to make these new supplies and tools by using his pen knife and his axe.