My senior thesis has to be about African American History, and I want to do dance......any suggestions??

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There are a couple of things you could do.  Since I am not really sure what your thesis entails, it's hard to help.  However you might try tracing the history of dance, from its African roots to modern hip hop and pop dances.  It would be quite interesting.

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I would guess you should be able to find resources to allow you to trace the development of dance in African American culture from roots in Africa to the present.

Rhythm and movement to a beat was a vitally important part of the heritage the Africans brought with them when they were sold into slavery. Through the years, that tradition has passed from generation to generation with changes in response to new settings and situations. I'm hoping your instructor will allow you to incorporate video as part of your thesis presentation, as this is an obvious subject for a multi-media final product and you would be able to present examples of some of the dance styles you will be covering.


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