My right ear has been blocked for two days. How do I unblock it?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We have used two different methods in my household, first with a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, and second, with baby oil. However, an ear blockage could be something that you cannot fix at home, and if these methods are not helpful, you should seek medical help.

At some point, I purchased a purchased some product containing eye drops, so that I could have a dropper, and I make a mixture of about 1/4 hydrogen peroxide and 3/4 water.  A few drops in the ear might do the trick.  Usually it takes some time, perhaps an hour, and might need to be done a few times.  Some people use a few drops every day in each ear to prevent buildup and blockage.

The same kind of dropper can be used to put a few drops of baby oil in the ear.  This also takes some time to work.  And again, some people do this regularly for routine maintenance.

Try one of these methods to see if the blockage can be cleared, but I do want to emphasize how important it is to seek medical attention if these home remedies are not effective.  Most internists, general practitioners, and pediatricians have equipment for clearing an ear blockage, and any of them can determine if there is a more serious problem and provide a referral to a specialist.  This is not meant to make you worry, but to make you aware.  Good luck!