"My riding is better, by their leave"--Why does the lover in "The Last Ride Together" think so?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Browning's poem, his ultimate message is that the things he discusses in the poem, art, statesmanship, and fighting (in a war...a soldier) have disproportionate results (www.online-literature.com).  However, love has a greater result...Heaven itself.  Love is all-encompassing and everlasting and the ultimate reward of love is Heaven.  Also, love is its OWN ultimate reward, as well (www.online-literature.com).  The line "My riding is better, by their leave" means that the narrator of the poem has learned by from the various experiences in life that nothing can compare to love in its value because love is timeless and should be celebrated because it is its own reward.

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subrataray | Student

Browning is a poet of love . To Browning love is the cardinal force and inspiration of life .In the present poem , it seems that Bwowning  ,through the rejected lover , sings the triumphant victory of love over all other achievements of life .

The rejected lover has failed to get the lady love as his future partner of life .He has been offered only a last ride with her .Wille riding , he compares his lot with that of the statesman ,poet , soldier ,and so on .

The lover paints the intensified feeling and warmth of their riding , and claims that even the kings , and the monarchs cannot dream of that kind of blessing .

The service and sacrifice of a soldier , after his death in the front , find memorial in engraved -stones . Again the dedication of a statesman to his country  after his death , gets tribute d in some famous daily s .

But , the riding , in which they enjoy the bliss of Heaven in earth remains above all worldly achievements .