My questions is, What would be a great twist for the ending of my short story, one that will shock everyone in the class?I am going to be writing a short story about four college student going away...

My questions is, What would be a great twist for the ending of my short story, one that will shock everyone in the class?

I am going to be writing a short story about four college student going away on break to camp in colorado, little do they know that the camp is overlooked by mysterious blood thirsty creature

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I am always shocked when the main characters are all killed.  I have even read horror/suspense stories where the narrator, himself, is killed in the end.  If you choose an ending like the ones I've suggested, or something similar, you will be employing the literar device, irony.  Everyone loves a good ironic story!  Or perhaps you could write the story as though there is a bloodthirsty creature, but in the end, the "real" villain is actually one of the four college students.  A third idea would be to make it so that there is no bloodthirsty creature at all--perhaps it was all just a bad dream.  Have the character just wake up at the end and say, "Phew!  It never really happened!"  Good luck!

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Perhaps the mysterious blood thirsty creature is in many ways human and had offspring.  Maybe one of the college students is secretly one of the offspring of the creature and purposely lures his or her friends to the camp so that the creature may feed. This is not discovered until the very end of the story. During the story the college student who has lured the students is guiding them to their death by leading them to the creature. The students do not know what is really happening until they are about to die. Then they realize that it is their "friend" who has placed them in that situation.

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What if one of the college students has been injured by this creature and then becomes one him/herself? Then the students would be faced with having to kill a friend. Or, if the blood-thirsty creature is really a figment of their imagination because of some chemical in their water supply? Perhaps these creatures are from the future, and in killing them, the students alter the future, essentially making themselves disappear because their reality no longer exists. Maybe, the creatures are vengeful professors who plant the suggestion to go to this place so they can kill the students who torment them daily. Or, maybe they are their own parents! I have a vivid imagination and watch too much TV!

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There are several directions and plot twists you could take depending upon the details of your story.

For example, perhaps these four students are the best of friends and are completely inseparable. May the only way to defeat these blood thirsty creatures is by becoming blood thirsty creatures themselves. They win the battle, but at what cost? Will they, then, turn on one another?

Or perhaps they defeat the creatures at the camp and then return to their college only to reek havoc on other students there. Who then saves the college?

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It's sort of a "Fight Club" and "Identity" rip-off, but I love the idea of multiple characters who, in the end, all turn out to be the multiple personalities of a single person. Not the most original, but I think it still surprises people!