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My question is: why do many students drop out of universities; I mean, what are the reasons?

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Reducing human reasoning to a few major questions, we can say that (1) finances, (2) complexity of choices, and (3) dendritic learning are three major impediments to a normal 4-year succession of organized pedagogical progress once college is “begun.”  First, since education is becoming more and more expensive, anyone on scholarship who does not excel in his/her studies may lose their financial aid, thereby preventing their continuation; secondly, other-world opportunities, such as travel opportunities, family business, romantic connections, etc. get in the way of one’s initial “path” of an education.  Thirdly, exposure to a formal higher education opens up the consciousness to brand new possibilities, and the change of declared majors often requires new starts, even different universities.  There are other reasons – health issues, boredom, loss of interest, abrasive teacher-student relationships, feelings of inadequacy, etc. that interrupt the “well-made plans of mice and men.”  Mainly, it is difficult to make and keep any four-year plan in this dynamic, volatile sociological environment.

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