Papa's Parrot Questions and Answers
by Cynthia Rylant

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My question is what is the storyline or plot of the short-story "Papa's Parrot"? Please answer my question and try to be as specific as possible! Thanks! :)

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In the short story "Papa's Parrot," the storyline or plot is about a young boy growing up, leaving his father all alone to work in the candy store. Mr Tillian is lying in the hospital bed. Harry has taken over the care of the candy store in his father's absence.

Mr. Tillian's parrot keeps repeating, "Where's Harry? Miss him." This is when Harry realizes that his father, Mr. Tillian, has been saying that he missed his son, Harry. The parrot has picked up the phrase.

As a child, Harry spent time with his father, Mr. Tillian, at the candy store, everyday.

Mr. Tillian looked forward to seeing his son and his son’s friends every day. He liked the company.

Because Harry and his friends grew older, they stopped visiting his father at the candy store, Mr. Tillian bought a parrot due to his loneliness. The parrot had been picking up phrases from Mr. Tillian. One phrase emphasized how much he missed his son Harry.

Now, Mr. Tillian is lying in the hospital. He had chest pains and fell over on his candy boxes. A customer found him and the ambulance took him to the hospital.

Harry is now tending to the candy store in his father's absence. When the parrot begins saying, "Where's Harry? Miss him," that is when Harry realizes how much his father has missed him.

All Harry can do is cry. He closes the candy store to go visit his papa.

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