Explain "The Annunciation" in The Glass Menagerie.My question was not answered. I am a member.  My question was about announciation in the Williams' The Glass Menagerie.

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I can sense your frustration, but let me explain why your question has probably not been answered.  I like answering questions about The Glass Menagerie, but when I looked at yours earlier I could not figure out what you meant. The word announciation was not familiar to me and I suspected it was not even a word; I looked it up when I saw you had repeated your question and I was right--it's not a word in any dictionary I could find.

Then I thought about what other word you might have meant.  Annunciation is term used for the announcement by the angel Gabriel that Mary was going to bear a son, the Son of God.  That did not seem like a sensible use of the word in Williams' play.  Enunciation has to do with how precisely words are pronounced, but that only applies in a production of the play, not a reading of it.

So now I'm stuck.  Something is just not right about the question you're asking, making it impossible for us to assume any particular meaning.  It's difficult to even guess at what you want. I would advise you to rework your question or define your term and try again. I assure you that my fellow editors and I are interested in helping students like you understand the literature they're reading; if you give us a question we can answer, you'll probably actually get more than one response.  Don't give up on us, and we won't give up on you.