My question is a simple one. I am far to busy to read this short story and would simply like to know this story is about, summarize please. Thanks.

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One should never be far too busy to read anything, so i sincerely hope you get around to reading this wonderful story. However here is a brief summary: THe story opens with the two main characters Asiko and Masako having tea at a restaurant. Asiko breaks up with Masako. She starts to cry and cry. He is embarrased because people are staring at them. He decides to take her to a garden that has a fountain in it so she can see that her tears are useless. He thinks that once she sees the power of the fountain compared with her tears she will stop crying. WHile they are there Asiko gets angry and tries to run away, when Masako catches up to him she askes him where he is going. He re-iterates to her that he broke up with her and she claims she never heard him. He asks her why she was crying then, and she says that the tears just started to flow.

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You'll find a summary of this story in the section of the enotes study guide titled Summary, which you'll find here:

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