In my opinion, in several scenes Ralph does not seem to behave much better than Jack. Is he also a anarchist?

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mpenza eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The key at the heart of you question is "Is Ralph as bad as Jack / Does he also support the chaos that Jack brings to the island?" The answer is that Golding wanted to portray these boys as REAL as much as possible and if you think of Ralph as being a "tween" and if you know tweens at all you will know that there is a constant struggle in their heads between doing what is "right" and doing what is fun. The reason that Ralph and Jack become such mortal enemies is because Jack and Ralph are so much alike. In any circumstance other than the one Golding puts them in they would be friends. There is a reason that Ralph meets Piggy first and then has this odd “friendship/hated” relationship. Look at when, upon first meeting, Piggy confides that he hate when people call him Piggy……Ralph immediately informs the others of this when they arrive and they all together make fun of Piggy. Overall, it is Ralph conscience that redeems him and makes him the keeper of rules and order for a time. His affection for the little’uns and protection of Piggy make his character. No, Ralph is not an anarchist as Jack is.

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