For my assignment on "A Modest Proposal," my topic is drugs. The problem is I can't think of an outrageous solution to the increasing drug rate.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good topic to pick, so well done! You might want to think of a solution but coming from a slightly different direction. Have you thought of the solution actually being for the government to supply heroin to every citizen and to legally require them to take it? It would be brilliant because then, if everyone is addicted to heroin, there would be no "problem" as such because it would just be considered a natural part of human life! It would also allow governments to legally control the flow and dissemination of heroin rather than the lack of checks and controls that it has now, and thus make sure that the heroin that it supplies to its citizens is of the best quality and not adulterated with any other chemicals that could be dangerous. It will also remove the stigma of being a "drug user" as everyone will be a drug user, whilst allowing the government to raise more money through taxing heroin in the same way that cigarettes are taxed. Pregnant mothers can be made addicted so that their children will be addicted when they are born, thus making sure that nobody escapes this blessing. What do you think?!

ihkas | Student

To accesstecher- thanks you so much! actually i was thinking about that solution too. Now, i am sure what i am going to do. BUt i have another question for you- how givign an outrageous solution or even making the negative thing like drug into positive, is satire. I mean how exactly does the satires do?

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