"My interest for business has always been in its management, in the craftsmanship of guaranteeing that a set of superior tools make a fully working machine." What other metaphors/comparisons could I use to describe my interest in the inner workings of business management to make this sentence sound less mechanical?

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I do like this metaphor, but it does convey a certain mechanical association that may not fit with your actual vision or company.

You might want to consider a metaphor that uses the image of a ladder of success. The rungs of the ladder could then become what you construct to ensure that you achieve your goals in management.

Depending on the company, you might be able to use a garden metaphor; you must plant the necessary seeds to produce the desired fruits. Of course, you could also tie in the metaphorical water, sunlight, and nutrients plants need to grow, which could also be aspects of your business management philosophy.

Finally, you might consider business management as a metaphorical journey. To reach your destination (which might be the top of a mountain or a destination at the end of a flight), you must take some steps of preparation to arrive safely at the correct place. These points of preparation could be substituted for the tools in your original metaphor.

I hope these ideas provide some points of inspiration as you continue to craft the connotations of your chosen metaphor. Best wishes!

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