What are some ideas for an argumentative essay about Adolf Hitler that relates to the Allied Powers?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have at least three ideas that I can think of that should meet your requirements. It would be nice, however, to know a bit more about your topic.  For example, if I wanted to argue that the Western Allies should have done more to stop the Holocaust, would that be okay or is it not focused enough on Hitler himself?  Here are my three ideas:

  • Write an essay about why, in your view, Hitler decided to declare war on the United States after Pearl Harbor.  The US had not declared war on Germany, but Hitler went ahead anyway and declared war, thus making sure that the US would fight in Europe.
  • Write an essay about why Hitler did not invade England or at least about why he was reluctant to fight England.   This could involve a discussion of Hitler’s racial attitudes and his feeling that England was a natural racial ally of Germany.
  • Write an essay about whether Hitler was really a danger to the United States.  President Roosevelt felt that he was, but many Americans did not.  Was there any real reason for the United States to fight Hitler?

Hopefully one of these will be interesting to you or will inspire you to think of a different topic that would be of interest.

user7387539 | Student

My history WWII essay is about Adolf Hitler. I have to relate it to Canada because I'm taking Canadian History, so I would relate it with allied powers. My ideas for this essay is about how the allied powers contributed to the defeat of Hitler. I'm not quite sure what my 3 arguments should be. So far I have the underestimation of the Us Hitler made and his action to declare war on US. Any ideas for my thesis arguments?

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